Why rent?


How often in life are you pregnant? How often in life do you have a little baby? Even thinking about lengthening your waistband with a hair tie during this time is simply out of the question.

Enjoy the time, feel good and don't think (too much) about the "what ifs". Wear the dress! Wear the shoes! Show your baby bump and feel good all over (pun intended)! And if you no longer need something, you no longer fit or like it - you simply return it.

No headaches!



You know your favorite brands, you know exactly which things suit you. And then you get pregnant. Brands, styles, stores... researching everything new, often with the realization that neither quality nor style suits you - is very time-consuming and often frustrating. We select quality, brands and fits for you to ensure that every piece of clothing meets the current demands of your body, your usual lifestyle and your everyday life.


Your body changes rapidly during pregnancy, and once the baby is born, your clothing requirements change just as rapidly. First you need maternity clothes. Then post-partum outfits. When your child is in the carrier, you need clothes that you can easily wear over/under. In short: from the beginning of pregnancy for about 2 years, you will need most clothes for no more than 4 months maximum. Buying something for this short time simply makes no sense financially and environmentally. When you rent, you always have brand new clothes for a fraction of the purchase price. Your baby's trust fund will thank you ;)

"After that I'll just sell everything second hand again" - they said, and then the baby intervened ;)


The fashion industry is the second biggest polluter, right behind the oil industry. About 80% of our wardrobe remains unworn. By carrying individual parts more often, we contribute to the better use of the resources of water, raw materials, working hours, etc.

Apart from the rental model in and of itself, when selecting our clothing we also place a conscious focus on sustainable brands and/or materials to support everyone who is taking steps in the right direction. According to the conviction:

"We don't need a handful of people being perfectly sustainable, we need millions of people doing it imperfectly."