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My size/style is not available!

We can deliver almost anything within 2 weeks. So if your size or style is not available at the moment, write us on Instagram @9borroughs or email hello@9borroughs. All we need to knopw is what you would like to rent and from when. We will then get in touch with you asap! We are still in the startup phase and do not have all styles/sizes in stock in large quantities - thank you for your patience and working with us to grow our collection!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Vera & Jennie


Can I exchange clothes that don't fit?

If a style doesn't suit you, simply contact us at hello@9borroughs.com within 48 hours of receiving your BORROUGH and we will find an alternative for you.

I've fallen in love - can I keep my BORROUGH?

We understand you only too well ;) If you've fallen in love, just keep your BORROUGH until the purchase price is reached, then your BORROUGH is yours. The sooner you let us know that you intend to keep your BORROUGH, the better - this gives us time to replenish our stock! Our contact details here

Where can I find the pricing based on the rental period?

The pricing for various rental periods can be found on the product page under the rental calendar. Sub-item "Pricing according to rental period".

Baby shower! Can I buy a gift certificate?

Yes, you can also buy 9•BORROUGHS gift certificates for your loved ones here . Each certificate has an individual code that can be entered at the end of the checkout for each order.

True to the motto: Add some sparke to their glow!

What does "purchase price" mean if you only rent out styles?

The purchase price that you see listed for each product is the original price at the time of purchase by 9•BORROUGHS. Of course, this does not reflect any seasonal fluctuations (looking at you, bargain hunters ;) )

What dress size do I need?

Order the size you had before your pregnancy, we calculate your BabyBelly for you. Unless you have gained more than 15kg, then please order one size up from your non-pregnant size.

The sizes are EU sizes, so please don't be alarmed if the tag on your clothes from for example - french companies, says a different size than the one you ordered. As long as the style fits you well - you are all good! If a piece of clothing doesn't fit, you have 48 hours to contact us to exchange it.

What happens if the clotes get stained?

Don't worry, small stains are normal. Especially when you become a mum for the second, third, fourth, fifth (you get the drill) ;) time around.

If the clothing is so badly damaged that it can no longer be rented out, we would ask you to buy the item of clothing - minus the rent already paid, of course. Of course, your personal liability insurance can step in here.

We are currently working on an additional insurance that we can offer you for every part. stay tuned ;)

Why should I NOT wash the garments before returning them?

Thank you - since we prepare every single piece anyway before it is rented out again, we save the environment an (unnecessary) wash cycle! Even small stains are no problem!

What happens if I lose something?

If you lose something, we have to charge you for the purchase price. Minus the rental fee you have already paid for of course.

Where can I find an overview of my current order and the rental period?

Immediately after placing your order, you will receive an email from us with an overview of the styles you have ordered. With your delivery you will also receive an overview of all styles that you have rented, the rental period, care instructions and information on returns.

You can also create a customer account on www.9BORROUGHS.com where you can view all your orders.

If you have any questions, you can of course always contact us at hello@9borroughs.com or on Instagram @9borroughs.

What if I need to cancel my order?

No questions asked - if anything changes, all good. Pregnancies can be unpredictable. Please email us at hello@9borroughs.com with your order number and we will cancel your rental for you.

Why rent?


In the two years following the birth of your baby, the demands you make of your wardrobe will change faster than ever before in life. First for physical reasons of the woman - from pregnancy to post-partum, then for functional reasons when breastfeeding and/or carrying a baby (we see you daddies , uncles & grandpas!).

Especially when you have a baby for the first time, the range on the market is overwhelming and in terms of design and aesthetics it is often not what you would have liked to have bought "before the baby". Long research for suitable clothing, the right functionality and many bad buys are inevitable.

We relieve you of this effort and put together a range of fashion for you that suits you and your lifestyle. The quality you're used to, the design you're used to, the functionality you need right now. And the best? You only rent as long as you really need it.

Rent, carry, return. Very easily.

what you need when you need it. As long as you need it.

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Any questions?

Feel free to reach out to us anytime at hello@9borroughs.com or on Instagram @9borroughs!