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Gift ideas for fathers

Probably the most unusual gifts - but which he really needs:

1. Cooking assistance:

As long as the woman giving birth (nice word, isn't it? ;) ) is in confinement - especially if she is breastfeeding, she needs a lot (a lot!) and above all the right food. Either the dad/partner cooks all day & is doing a PhD in nutrients on the side, or the fresh food, tailored exactly to this time, is delivered to the house and there is more time for everything else. Shopping, cooking, caring for the family - check!

Our tips: for vegan, Ayurveda-based food with vegan, vegetarian and animal options

2. Fast Laces:

Ever tried tying shoes on a crying baby's arm? Stretch laces transform any sneaker into a quick-pull-on loafer.

(By the way, this is also a great tip for pregnancy when your belly is too big to tie your own shoes!)

Our tip:

3. Subscription or voucher for babywearing jackets:

Babywearing jackets for Autumn & Winter are essential to keep a baby warm and to support the back of the person who is carrying. A voucher or a subscription enables dad (or uncle, grandpa) to rent the right jacket for the season and try out different models. (Babywearing jackets are a great gift for anyone carrying the baby, so we have different models for winter, rainy weather, outdoor adventures and city walks for women & men)

Our tip:

kinda obvious but 🤪

Rent babywearing jackets for men. Rent a quality Elkline babywearing jacket for the winter here instead of buying it. #carrying dad

4. sexy tracksuit: Believe us - you will never again spend as much time at home as in those first few weeks and months. A comfy tracksuit that also looks good on a walk will definitely be of great use to any Legendaddy.

Our tip:

for the deluxe version; Bonus: when your little ones are older, the whole family can go in a partner look ❤️

or for a more basic variant that you can then customize with

5. Telephone Joker: Nothing is worth more than understanding. Moms don't know how dads are doing and vice versa. Find a person he can speak frankly to who has been in his shoes! He will thank you.

What he definitely does NOT need:

Books : he should have read them first, now there is no more time.

Bodies where arms and legs are labeled (welcome to 2022, men can do that.)

Nose clips for changing diapers. By the time it starts smelling, he's more used to it.

Everything that takes up unnecessary space in the apartment. He'll be spending enough time in the basement as it is.

#gift ideas for men

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