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Pregnant. Breastfeeding. Wrap dress. VICTORIA

Twobirds New York

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Created in the USA to give the legion of bridesmaids the opportunity to wear "different" dresses but still look all one, this floor-length jersey dress from Twobirds NewYork is the epitome of versatility. A dress - at least 26 ways to tie it. With a bit of practice, you can easily wear "4 different dresses" on the same evening! Check out all the nappy changing techniques at and get started. The crease-resistant fabric makes this Classic Ball Gown ideal for travel - if you're going to find a flaw, it's only that this gown is made from a much heavier fabric, and therefore takes up a good 25% of your carry-on. But it's sooo worth it!
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Belly Stadium

The Classic Ball Gown by Twobirds New York always fits you - from zero belly to delivery! Due to the generous use of the pleasantly stretchy fabric, this dress is guaranteed to always fit you and your body :) The bigger your stomach gets, the shorter the skirt hemline will be at the front, but that's a law of nature, so to speak.

Materials & Care Instructions

100% luxurious poly-spandex (sounds fancy, doesn't it? we're just quoting here ;) )
Simply hand or machine wash cold and hang dry. Please do not iron, we recommend steaming if necessary.

Mutter mit Kind in Schwangerschaftskleid. Blau weiß gestreiftes Hemdblusenkleid zur Miete.

Feel comfortable!

You're pregnant! Your body is doing the most massive work of your life. And your baby bump? Just beautiful/cute/amazing!

The fact that you are thinking about lengthening your waistband with hair ties during this time, or running around in the same 2 outfits for months is simply not an option for us. Feel good, dress up, enjoy your baby bump!

And protect the environment and your wallet at the same time - thank you for being innovative and walking this path with us. Rent outfits like crazy, show your baby bump and take as many photos of you and your glow as you want #noshame - and us? we add the sparkle.


Flexible. stylish. Smart. Consistent


#noheadache - Next to Sparkle, our mission is to make your life easier. This is reflected in our rental model, but also in our service. If you have any special requests, please feel free to contact us anytime on IG @9borroughs or email


You can argue about taste... but have you seen our capsules?? #so beautiful


Rent something that you only need for a short time? Makes sense.


#sharingiscaring for the environment, our resources, the workers, the next generation will thank you!

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