About Us


We are Vera & Jenny, the founders of 9•BORROUGHS and we are very happy that you are joining us on our mission.

We met in NYC a few years ago when we were both living and working there as expats.

Now we both live in Munich and founded 9•BORROUGHS together. The name pays homage to NYC and is a pun on "to borrow". The 9 stands for those never-ending months before you finally hold your baby in your arms :)

What is our mission? - To make life more flexible, stylish, smart and sustainable for young parents. True to the motto - add some sparkle to your glow.

If you want to know how it came about, scroll down a bit :)


When the sister of one of our co-founders got pregnant, it was clear: This has to be celebrated. Of course with an outfit that puts the growing baby bump in the foreground and gives the very fashion-conscious mum-to-be great joy.

The enthusiasm was quickly followed by disillusionment: the selection of stylish clothes for pregnant women? - Limited. The quality of the goods? - In most cases - well. Price/performance in relation to the wearing time? - let's talk about something else...

The idea for 9•BORROUGHS was born (pun intended). We provide high quality, stylish clothing for rent. For pregnant women, breastfeeding women, the post-partum period and when you are carrying your baby.
You may be mom & dad, but you're still your stylish self.
With 9•BORROUGHS, we give young parents the option of wearing high-quality, stylish fashion during their pregnancy and after the birth - without having to break the bank.
What you need, as long as you need it.

Our claim? Quality, design and functionality.
What do we mean by that? High-quality materials that go along with your everyday life. Cuts that flatter your new body shape. Clothing you look forward to.
Our selection process? The WOW factor. Only items of clothing that elicit exclamations of enthusiasm make it into the shortlist. Then the reality test - several pregnant women test the products for everyday practicality and comfort.

Our mission is to make your pregnancy, post-partum, breastfeeding and babywearing days absolutely sweet in terms of fashion.
True to the motto: You bring the glow and we deliver the sparkle.
Flexible. stylish. Smart Sustainable.

Any questions?


9•BORROUGHS stands for sustainable lifestyle. Fairness. Unconditional Equal Opportunities. Constant curiosity. The will and courage to innovate.

Our mission? - Your Sparkle is our mission.


In the two years following the birth of your baby, the demands you make of your wardrobe will change faster than ever before in life. First for physical reasons of the woman - from pregnancy to post-partum, then for functional reasons when breastfeeding and/or carrying a baby (we see you dads, uncles & grandpas!).

Especially when you have a baby for the first time, the range on the market is overwhelming and in terms of design and aesthetics it is often not what you would have liked to have bought "before the baby". Long research for suitable clothing, the right functionality and many bad buys are inevitable.

We relieve you of this effort and put together a range of fashion for you that suits you and your lifestyle. The quality you're used to, the design you're used to, the functionality you need right now. And the best? You only rent as long as you really need it.

Rent, carry, return. Very easily.

what you need when you need it. As long as you need it.